Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bike-to-Work (and School) Day is Friday, May 20

The plan is to meet up at the Trunk River Bridge (on the bike path) at 7:30am and ride the bike path to downtown. From downtown our rolling party will make our way to Morse Pond, we should get to school sometime around 8:00am. Other teachers are meeting up with kids in West and East Falmouth and riding in together. Once everyone arrives at school, we will enjoy some tasty pastries and hot coffee (for the adults), then start our day. Everyone who rides will receive raffle tickets for our prize-giveaway, which will take place right after school. Thanks to Eight Cousins who donated a nice prize bag today! We should have some iTunes gift cards and other cool bike related stuff to give away as well. I'm still looking for donations of food and prizes, so if you want to donate something, drop me a message below or talk to me at school. Thanks!

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