Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bike-to-School Day 2011

Photo Credit: Elise Hugus, Falmouth Enterprise

After four days of rain, I wasn't even sure we would be able pull off Bike-to-School Day. I really wanted our event to coincide with the second annual Bay State Bike Week and National Bike-to-Work Week, so I spent the week watching the weather radars and keeping my fingers crossed that we would have a dry day on Friday. Plans were made, volunteers were rounded up, food was donated by Pie in the Sky in Woods Hole, prizes were donated by Eight Cousins and others, and Friday finally came around. As I made my way down the bike path I could see glimpses of the sun trying to break through the early morning fog that blanketed Vineyard Sound. I really had no idea how many students and parents would meet me at Trunk River, the rain the past four days seemed to suck the motivation out of a lot of folks. Much to my surprise, when I arrived at 7:15am, there were already about 10 kids waiting for me., and by the time we rolled out at 7:40, I counted about 30 kids. Eight other teachers met kids at various spots around Falmouth, and as we rode towards Morse Pond, Lynne called me, saying their group had just arrived to school with more than 20 kids! At that point, I knew that we blew away my original goal of 30 riders. Leading our group of 40+ riders into the Morse Pond circle is a memory that I will never forget. By the time we arrived, there was already a crowd gathered, and the front of the school was a sea of bikes! Words really can't describe the way I felt about everyone who rallied and came out to support us!

Ok, so here are the total numbers... 85 students and 25 adult riders! Thanks to the members of the Falmouth Bikeways Committee and MassBikes for donating prizes and helping with stopping traffic at all the major intersections. I think everyone had fun, and hopefully a few more people might realize that they don't have to drive every day. All it takes is doing it once.

Photo Credits: Andrea Schwamb (except where noted)

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